Friday, March 30, 2018

Welcome to the launching of the Reiley Law BLOG!  Please keep in mind that I am not giving legal advice, I have not researched the subject matter prior to writing the BLOG entries, and my blogging is not intended to be a basis on which to make your legal decisions.

I am offering up BLOG meal as food for thought, a pointer to the next bit of information you want or need to collect and ideas for you as you move forward in your divorce, your paternity action, your pre-nup/marital property agreement.

This first BLOG is on what for many is the scariest first step in their family matter: contact the lawyer.

How do you find a lawyer? Get a name from a friend? A bas association referral directory? An on-line ad? An ad in a newspaper or on the radio? What areas of practice does the lawyer focus on?

When you call, did you get to talk to the lawyer himself or herself? Does he or she return your calls? Your emails?

Do you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from your lawyer and the process? How does the billing work? How does the trust account work for the advance fee (once called the retainer)?

Have your questions ready when you call the attorney's office and when you go in for the initial conference.  This is your life and the life of the members of your family.  Are you treated with courtesy?  Did the lawyer pay attention to you?  How will future communications work between you and the lawyer or the lawyer's staff?

If you have doubts, keep looking.

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